1 Jan 2019


May it bring you all good health, much happiness, lots of nice surprises.
Love from Audrey Wilson  Nanna Strawberry xxxx

13 Dec 2018

Reunion Park View Academy Christmas Fayre

Nanna Strawberry was warmly welcomed by young pupils today when they
saw her arrive to set up her book display at their Christmas Fayre, by invitation
of Fayre organisers.

'Hello Nanna Strawberry' greeted her from the youngest to the oldest pupils which was
very heart-warming. Some parents approached her to tell her how much their child "had loved
the time she spent with them" a few weeks ago. Nanna Strawberry was pleased to see them too.

Several books were sold and signed. One little boy was especially looking for a story with Sophie
in it.  He settled for 'Nanna Story Tells Stories To Sophie' in which she teasingly stops Nanna
Strawberry from reading a story because "I do not like giants.." or "I do not like spiders". The
young listeners then guess the title of the story.  It made a fun game during story readings.

Happy Christmas to Mrs Daly and Fayre organisers and all the children and families who supported it.
Nanna Strawberry x

8 Dec 2018

Reunion at Blacklow Brow Christmas Fayre

Nanna Strawberry spent a lovely afternoon at Blacklow Brow Christmas Fayre
yesterday, having been invited to display and sell Nanna Strawberry Stories.
Pupils were clearly very pleased to see Nanna Strawberry again and she was just as
pleased to see them again.  Several bought her books, having enjoyed previous ones.
Mrs Kelly and her Fayre team had been very very busy preparing for the event and it
was well supported by school parents and families.  A truly enjoyable festive occasion.
Thank you for including Nanna Strawberry x

I wish you all and those you love a very Happy Christmas and Peaceful New Year  x

4 Dec 2018



Nanna Strawberry hoped to see you at SEDBERGH LATE NIGHT OPENING Wednesday
5th December, but was regrettably prevented from doing so due to unforseen circumstances
during the day, which caused her great disappointment about missing this festive occasion and
a very pleasant evening thanks to the kind hospitality of Sue and Matt.

Some people were disappointed not to be able to buy a signed copy of book 11 launched today,
                  Nanna Strawberry Remembers Shetland Pip...and his young riders

Please contact her at  nannastrawberrystories@gmail.com if you would like to order a copy for
delivery asap.

 Thanks to Peter Hartley, Stramongate Press, for printing and delivering in time for Santa's visit.
                                                            About the story.....
   The Wilson family visit a horticultural show, where Daddy buys each of them a ticket for the
                                         'WIN A PONY FOR A SHILLING' raffle.
   The children spend the evening eagerly awaiting delivery of their prize pony !  Until they were told
   that someone else had won it.  By chance, next day in local Echo, Daddy read that a shetland
   pony was for sale, quite near home too.  The story describes what happened next

22 Nov 2018

Southport Book shop

It was very interesting to see proprietor, Kate, within the crowded walls of her
fascinating book shop, describing the sale at last of a long stored book.
Kate displays a selection of Nanna Strawberry stories on her children's book shelves
and author Audrey Wilson hopes it will not take over 30 years to sell them.  Please pop
along and buy one at the first chance you get. Lovely little books in a lovely book shop
which is a treat to visit.

Well done Kate !

Nanna Strawberry

Visit to St Barnabas Primary School, Warrington

Nanna Strawberry spent a very happy afternoon with Year 5 and Miss Callaghan at
St Barnabas Primary School, Warrington, yesterday.  Just the visit to one class on this
occasion, so time to read several stories and to re-enact the Queen's accession to the
throne on the death of her dear father, King George VI. There were some amusing
stories from boys and girls about their experiences when crab fishing in various parts of
the country.  The afternnon concluded with a superb performance by Class 5 of
'The Nightmare Man'.  Sincere thanks to Miss Callaghan, her assistant, and all pupils.

Nanna Strawberry

19 Nov 2018

Visit to Park View Primary School

Nanna Strawberry has experienced a lovely day amongst the lovely pupils at Deans Trust
Park View Primary School, albeit a challenging day too amongst these responsive children.   
During morning assembly, the children had the opportunity to choose how they would call their
visitor.  Nanna Audrey, Mrs Wilson or NannaStrawberry and much to her delight, it was their
unanimous decision to call her Nanna Strawberry. Always her favourite choice on these occasions.
Especially when the name was sustained all day, even when passing in school corridors.
Sincere thanks to Mrs Daly who liaised with Nanna Strawberry and all school staff who gave
 friendly support during visits to their individual classes. Special thanks to the courteous Head Girl
 and Head Boy who with unfailing promptness ensured that Nanna Strawberry was in the correct
 class at the correct time and assisted with the transportation of book luggage.

Book orders are purely optional, but Nanna Strawberry looks forward to receiving orders with
 payments for any of her books, which she will be very happy to sign in the name of the pupil and
 return to school for distribution. £1 from each order will be donated by the author to school funds.
£3.99 ea or 3 for £10.
Book list in letter with order form, distributed to pupils by school staff for attention of parents.

Love Nanna Strawberry x